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Tanapa Rangers Commit Arson in Arash

and Other News about Loliondo Land Threats - Latest update from 'The Termite Mound.'

The case against Ngodidio Roitiken was dismissed - The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism issued threats against pastoralists - Tanapa rangers burned down bomas in Arash and no action was taken against this - There’s a dangerous lack of unity - Seasonal OBC worker travel to Loliondo in the middle of the rainy season - FZS are hard at work making top recruitments to carry out their plans for Loliondo - Thomson Safaris continue occupying Maasai land and the court case against them is ongoing - The American organisation EarthRights lends a hand to the struggle.

More… Apr 18, 2014

Good News, Strange News, Worrying Developments.

Idiotic Comments and Inexplicable Silences about Loliondo Land Threats - A new blog post from Susanna Nordlund.

After some months of silence central government reappeared and disappeared in Loliondo. Then the Prime Minister appeared and declared that the 1.500km2 belong to the Maasai and their coming generations thereby reversing the threats and lies by the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism. Long term FZS head comes out in support of the Government and OBC. The court case against Thomson Safaris is ongoing, there’s still unity, but sinister old manager is back. This dry season turned bad and grazing in Serengeti NP was needed. Cows and people were arrested with strange charge sheets.

More… Nov 28, 2013

In memory of Moringe Parkipuny by Susanna Nordlund

Another Loliondo Visit - A Kind of Safari Report

In July 2013 I managed to return to Loliondo and meet some people affected by Thomson Safaris’ occupation of 12,617 acres of Maasai land. This report is maybe too personal, but not of the kind written in another time. It focuses on the land threats (and me seeking information about them) and not my inadequacies as a tourist, weird and wonderful people and animals I've met, or efforts to wash my hair without running water. The report may contain some whining and ranting.

More… Aug 30, 2013

A personal perspective on the events in Loliondo from Susanna Nordlund's blog

'Delayed Updates about the Attackers on Land Rights in Loliondo – Thomson Safaris, OBC and, the Government of Tanzania'

Thomson Safaris step up their propaganda while continuing the occupation of Maasai grazing land at their self-styled 'Enashiva Nature Reserve' – and their land grab PR person since 2007 appears as a graduate student in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy. The Government through Tanzania National Parks Authorities and later the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism renews and intensifies the threat of grabbing a 1,500sq km “wildlife corridor”. And on 26th March 2013 the Government declares total war on the people of Loliondo.

More… May 19, 2013

The Tanzanian Government Insists on Grabbing Maasai Land in Loliondo

The latest update on the Maasai's fight to retain their land rights in Ngorongoro District. As well as reports of subsequent developments - updates: 26th, 27th, 30th March, 4th, 8th,14th,15th, 18th April.

The Tanzanian government, through the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Khamis Kagasheki, is moving forward with a plan of taking 1,500 square kilometres which are essential dry season grazing land for the Maasai of Loliondo in Ngorongoro District.

More… Mar 24, 2013

The Negotiations – Another Update on Thomson Safaris’ Land Grab in Loliondo

From Susana Nordlund's blog - View from the Termite Mound

"It’s been reported that people thanked God for being able to see the beginning of the end and that they would get their land back. Some also talked about the owners of Thomson Safaris being misled by their employees about the situation on the ground since they have never talked with the community face to face, but any “innocence” on the part of the owners seems very unlikely after so many years and after reports by various people, and it seems especially unlikely to someone who has followed their ruthless hypocrisy online. Some people attending the meeting asked MRG to help them against the harassment by Thomson."

More… Jul 25, 2012


A personal appeal against tribal evictions in India by Kusum Karnik

"Our country seems to be divided into two blocks having very different views regarding the tribals and their culture. I have visited number of forest areas especially the national parks including all the seven parks taken under the GEF-India Eco Development Project and some others as well; and I am of the opinion that if the forest dwellers are taken into confidence they would prove to be great asset in conserving the forest and wild life."

More… Jul 01, 2012

Displaced - The Human Cost of Development and Resettlement

Vivid first-hand accounts by the displaced themselves, gathered by Panos London and partners in Africa and Asia.

The six case-studies that form the core of the book feature the voices of men and women displaced by the Tarbela Dam in Pakistan, pastoralists in Kenya displaced by agricultural and conservation initiatives, groups of San in Botswana and Namibia resettled as a result of government schemes and conservation policies, farming families in India who lost their land and livelihoods to coalmining, and mountain villagers in Lesotho, resettled by the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. By bringing together these individual experiences, the book reveals the loss of cultural continuity and identity, shifts in family responsibilities and gender roles, and fractured relationships between generations that are just some of the complex challenges people face as they attempt to rebuild lives and communities. Although these narratives are suffused with regret and a sense of loss, they also demonstrate resourcefulness and resilience in the face of profound change. Development's social cost continues to be under-reported; these stories are a crucial reminder of its often devastating consequences.

More… May 16, 2012